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Challah of the Week 

If you ask me, challah is one of the only breads worth the carb intake. The loaves have this chewy yet light and airy quality about them that is addicting (just ask my best friend who impressively can eat a whole challah in one sitting!). 


There is a sense of tradition surrounding challah which I found comforting. Every time I make the bread I feel calm and connected with my heritage. For those of you who don’t know, challah is a type of enriched dough bread that is traditionally served on Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest. Challah is quite similar to brioche, except for the fact that the dough is usually made without dairy so that (in kosher homes) it can be eaten with a meat meal. 


The basic challah recipe I use makes two loaves, which usually last about a week in our house (unless we make french toast with it on Saturday mornings!). The basic recipe has no dairy in it, however some of the fillings I post will have dairy. 


I will update this section every week with a new challah flavor for you to try!

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